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Ravenlore 2017

A larger Ravenlore Tiny House

Under construction


  • 8′ x 24′
  • 2 lofts
  • storage stairs
  • birch handrail
  • custom color; green, purple, pink, blue
  • Castletop metal shingles
  • Gothic details
  • Gothic window with butterfly grids
  • Reclaimed front door with insulated glass
  • Reclaimed barnwood siding/paneling interior
  • Corrugated Wainscot
  • Reclaimed copper wash basin
  • Hammered Copper sink
  • Copper counter tops
  • Insulated Tempered Windows
  • Hardwood Floors





Update on the Ravenlore Tiny House

or a tiny house can appreciate in value


Some tiny houses do appreciate in value, and the Ravenlore did. Nicki changed her career path which required a relocation to California and flying as a stewardess for Virgin Airlines. With that, she had to make a hard decision about her tiny house. Rather than take it with her, she decided to sell it as she would seldom be home, but traveling the globe.  So she put it up for sale and the Ravenlore sold quickly………..for more money that she paid for it. Like several thousands of dollars more.

We send Nicki best wishes for her new adventures. And if you are thinking of buying a Ravenlore tiny house, we can create one just for you. We do have a Ravenlore starting the “que” in production within 30 days for a customer that decided to purchase one before the price increased.


Firefighter buys a super tiny house

And you will not believe what she did!Nicki the Firefighter

In early May, we received a phone call from Nicki the Fire Fighter who lives in Savannah, Georgia. She had fallen in love with the Ravenlore tiny house and wanted to start the process rolling for purchasing it along with some changes. The list included eliminating the sleeping nook for a larger kitchen, adding a sink to the bathroom, and taking advantage of a sale we were holding, “Buy a Wildflower, Ravenlore, or Prairie Rose and get a 600 watt solar package for 2000 off” and could she select the paint colors. She loved the Carpenter Gothic architectural details of the Ravenlore tiny house and wanted it to “look like the Easter Bunny threw up all over it.”

Nicki is a firefighter, paramedic, and 1st responder in the Savannah, Georgia area and is passionate about life and her career. Some of her activities include kayaking, surfing, bike riding and exploring new places.

Nicki 2


She also likes to runs marathons……in full gear.



After we had it framed and sided, Masking 101

we started adding some color10622733_771073939616074_5362068251847797207_n

And more colormore tiny house color

And some more color1966108_10153365589384937_3958702924510469456_o

Then HGTV Tiny House Hunting called with the question; “do you know of any unique tiny houses that are close to completion that we could use in a new series? ” And Jim referred then to “Nicki the fighter” and she said “yes”
The crew showed up at the build site to shoot some film for “Nicki the Firefighter” episode with this film crew.
Tiny House Hunting Film Crew

Tiny House Hunting Film Crew

After which we finished the tiny house and the Ravenlore left for Savannah, Georgia and Tiny House Giant Journey filmed it as the courier was backing it into place for an open house that Nicki the firefighter had scheduled so all of her friends could see her new home. He even caught the jets overhead as he used hand signals to direct the driver. Pretty cool video and click the link below.


Ravenlore – A Sweet Life Tiny House

A Sweet Life tiny home

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”  – William Blake

We designed this model starting in January, 2014 as a concept design with some Carpenter Gothic features as shown in the 1st  two pictures. It was published on our website and Facebook page in late March and early April. As a custom builder of tiny houses, tiny homes, and tiny cabins; we use the designs to get the “juices” churning in to what is possible. We are often surprised by some of the results.

Below is the stern and starboard side of the Ravenlore as originally drawn. Just like a boat, a tiny house also has terms for different sides of the craft.

The bow is the hitch, while the stern is the rear of the tiny house. Here is a picture of the Ravenlore floor plan with parts named.

Tiny House & Boat Names_2


Why is the port side called the port and starboard the starboard side?


An early version of “port” is larboard, which itself derives from Middle-English ladebord. In Old English the word was bæcbord, of which cognates are used in other European languages, for example as the German backbord and the French term (derived from Dutch) bâbord. The origin of lade has not been determined but some would connect it with the verb lade (to load), referring to the side on which cargo was loaded.[1] The term larboard, when shouted in the wind, was presumably too easy to confuse with starboard[2] and so the word port came to replace it. Port is derived from the practice of sailors mooring ships on the left side at ports in order to prevent the steering oar from being crushed.


The origin of the term starboard comes from early boating practices. Before ships had rudders on their centrelines, they were steered by use of a specialized steering oar, which was held by an oarsman located in the stern of the ship and, due to the prevalence of right-handed sailors, on the right-hand side of it. The word starboard comes from Old English steorbord, literally meaning the side on which the ship is steered, cognate with the Old Norse words stýri meaning “rudder” (from the verb stýra, “to steer” or “to govern”) and borð meaning etymologically “board”, then the “side of a ship”.

Definitions from wikipedia

Ravenlore Tiny House Southeast Elevation

View of the Ravenlore off the Starboard Stern


View of the Ravenlore Off the Port Stern

From our concept we now move onto our customers’ color scheme and changes such as the Carpenter Gothic detail on the stern to create her own unique home just for her.

And the Ravenlore as a painted lady tiny house; For those who aren’t fans of the cabin-in-the-woods look of natural, unpainted pine, check this head turner out! It would fit right in with our Big House neighborhood of Painted Lady’s,  Cape Cods, Federals, Victorians, and Craftsman homes.


The Ravenlore hitched up

Off The Bow Starboard View


The Ravenlore tiny house is part of the Sweet Life series of our tiny homes; they are wood framed built to the clients specifications.

To see more of the Ravenlore and pricing options click on this link;  Ravenlore Tiny House