Climbing that Mountain

The Inspiration for The Denali Tiny Green Cabin

The Inspiration for The Denali Tiny Green Cabin

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.
Dr. Seuss

Denali, or otherwise known as Mt McKinley is in Alaska and many a novice mountaineer has dreamt of climbing it. The word Denali also means the Great One.  It is also a mystical mountain, hiding in the clouds and peeking out from time to time. The mountain is so large and positioned that it creates its own unique weather patterns and wind currents. Locals in Alaska seemingly do not see the mountain for weeks at a time, my son who lived there for 5 years on the Copper River, never saw it on his trips from Anchorage to the Copper River settlement where he lived.

A lot of climbers either start at the base of the mountain or hire a helicopter to ferry them up to a plateau just below the summit, which is then an easy walking distance to the peak. The distinction of climbing Denali does not matter on where one starts, once you have made the peak. This later method is turning out to be a good business for a few pilots.

And there is one person that is known in the climbs and he made the Homestead Climb. Todd came to Alaska and loved backpacking, fell in love with the country and on his many frequent backpacking trips, he thought he saw Denali; thinking to himself -  he would someday climb that mountain. One day, out hiking he rounded a path and while sitting on a ledge, he thought he was seeing Denali, not realizing he was only seeing a lesser peak of the mountain. Then the clouds and mists parted and he saw “Denali” and knew in that instance he had to climb it.

His homestead stake and cabin in Alaska is about 30 miles from the base of Denali and Todd decided he would start his climb from his homestead rather than the tradition of starting at the base, thus earning the name for this climb; “The Homestead Climb.” He knew he could not carry all the provisions needed for his climb with him; so he set up packs and set them along his route he would be taking to reach the mountain.  His camp at the base of Denali held all of his climbing gear needed for the ascent of Denali.

Helmut Schmidt said that “whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps,” and this is what The Homestead Climb story shows us.

This is also how we build homes, and tiny houses. We see the larger picture of the elevations etc, and then visualize the steps needed to build the house. The bigger the house, the more crucial these steps are; for myself – I see the rooms as boxes and how each one relates to the other. Then stepping stone goals can be set up assuring one of reaching the final push to the summit; the planting of the flag; and the celebration of accomplishment.

Todd set out and accomplished his goal of standing on the summit of Denali. He is now a featured speaker for guests arriving at Denali, Alaska, via Regent Cruise Lines. Todd had what we call a vision, tenacity, focus, and using stepping stones to guide him and reach his goals.

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