Tiny House Security – Part 2

A Tiny House Security

A Tiny House Security

Can one live safely and feel secure in a tiny house?  This week, will be an exploration of the positive aspects and challenges of living small in a tiny house.

Part 1 talked about the laptop with malware and left us wondering why the car doors were left opened on a rainy night.

Left Opened!???

Upon walking to the car and truck to close the doors, wondering all the while how could we have left OPEN the doors; upon reaching the Saturn door we discovered the glove box contents on the floor and jackets thrown into the driveway.  At that point we became suspicious as to what was happening and checked out the 3rd vehicle and discovered it to had been “gone through” and then noticed that the shop doors were open. Checking that out, we discovered that contents on shelves were on the floor. Being early, and no coffee yet, it slowly dawned on me that we had a burglar and s/he had taken some of our shop tools. We had an appointment to keep, so we cleaned the truck and left.

When we returned, I decided to talk to the neighbor and see if he had heard anything. He saw me coming and his comment was, “you had a burglar last night too?” At this point we decided to call the sheriff and report the incident.  The deputy that came out informed us that he had been busy as now everyone on our side of the street had been robbed during the night.

Our shop was the hardest hit as over $1,500 worth of tools had been taken as several gallons of chemicals. As thoughts went through my mind several questions “popped” up. Would they be back? Was the tiny house that we were working on secure? And that then prompted a question about tiny houses security and this article.

One of the common questions that I have received is;

“Can someone steal my home?”

The second question is;

“How safe is the home in strong winds?”

Some other questions are;
“Isn’t a tiny house just a funeral pyre?”

“Is my investment in a tiny house safe?”

“Is my tiny house safe to tow?”

“What about vandalism at the lake?”

Question 1; “Can someone steal my home?”

The possibilities exist and can be dealt with very easily by removing the wheels and installing a lock on the hitch. And, a guy on a Harley would not be able to get very far, hahah..  In all states the trailer/RV is licensed and while one could grind off the numbers, a tiny house is unique and would be difficult to conceal.

To be continued…

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