Advantages of Steel Framed Tiny Houses

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Advantages of Steel Framing

Using cold formed steel instead of wood in steel tiny houses plans provides the following advantages:
Strength: Steel-framed houses have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes. Steel’s qualities allow it to meet the strictest wind and seismic standards in the building codes.
Fire resistance: Steel is not combustible, so it will not feed a fire.
Resistant to water and insect damage: Most structural damage is due to water rotting the wood frame components of the house; whereas water does not rot steel. And insects aren’t interested in steel!
Steel is “true”: Unlike lumber, which is often warped, steel is always straight.
Environmentally friendly: Steel delivers a number of unique environmental benefits such as product longevity, recyclability, easy transportation and less raw material wastage.
Lower insurance premiums: Due to steel’s fire, insect, wind, and earthquake resistance, homeowner’s insurance premiums will be much lower.
Earthquake Tested: Structural integrity of steel framed houses tested in full-scale simulations resulting in positive outcome
Healthy: Steel also doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides, preservatives or glues making it safer for handling and living or working around.
Design-Flexible: Steel offers architectural and design flexibility due to its inherent strength. This allows large span distances and curves to be easily incorporated into designs.

Connections: Welding steel together is often stronger than the actual product and stronger than any fastener or screw is capable of. The weld adds a tensile strength that is vibration resistant just like in aircraft and space vehicles.

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  1. Jenna Hunter April 3, 2017 at 6:41 pm #

    My husband and I are wanting to build a tiny house but we don’t know what material we should build it out of. I was surprised to know that steel-framed houses have withstood hurricanes and earthquakes. I am no expert but I would imagine this would help us to stay safe from anything!

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