Living Small is About Experiences

Jim is enjoying his house guests as he builds their customized non toxic not so tiny, tiny house.

The name of the not so tiny, tiny house is “Explore2Live;” 40′ x 8′, 320 sqft, weight 20,000 pounds,  road height 12′ – 9″, steel framed with an R 45 roof, large kitchen, large great room, 2 fireplaces, 5th room bedroom and bath with safe room below, lockable equipment room, in floor storage with hatches, loft at stern with bay window, with niche for an Onan 6000 watt generator, 200 gal water storage, solar power. The Explore2Live is built to go off the grid for an indefinite period if needed. The Explore2Live is packed with features.

Karen and Harris were part of our workshop this fall and decided after the 2nd day to have us build the Explore2Live.

Jim’s cottage is 400 sqft, so we are indeed having a “build a tiny house”  and living experience.

People, build small so they can live large, and we build tiny houses because we really enjoy the of experiences, new ideas, and new friends that we meet. We are a custom tiny house builder and love working with people and help them make their dreams come alive. One could say, that this tiny house is a workshop in many ways, as Harris and Karen are learning the details of their tiny house. They have also recently informed us that we will be building several more tiny houses for them and their recently purchased property in Colorado.

Harris and Karen  are  well versed in marketing and are handing out business cards all over and talking up Tiny Green Cabins. They had talked to other tiny house builders, and met resistance for what they wanted to do.  Since we are a custom tiny house builder, and have built custom homes from small homes to McMansions; we feel we can offer an excellent service to people looking for something different in tiny houses and not so tiny, tiny houses. After some discussions, they also felt the same way.

“Jim Wilkins YOU Rock! Thank you, WE appreciate you for helping US build our TINY greEN cabIN on wheeLS…YOW!
Sustainable is prayer for the people similar to mediciNE for the peoPLE is music as a prayer with wisdom and integrity. YOU are amazing and the world needs more of both tiny green cabins and medicine for the people… peace & blessings, “swirl” aka karen murphy-sizelove”"

Harris has also held workshops on watersheds and water resources in Virginia and plans on continuing workshops in Colorado, and using the Explore2Live as a part of those workshops.

Here are some pictures of the plans and build process of the Explore2live


Tiny House Artist Rendering of the vision

Artist Rendering of her vision










Tiny House Welding

Tiny House Welding








Tiny House equipment safe built in

The Tiny House, Caleb, and equipment safe





Tiny House Steel Frame

Tiny House Steel Frame

Tiny House Tarped for the night

Tiny House Tarped for the night

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