Fire! Will your tiny house burn?

We field a number of questions about steel frames in a fire. Here are some facts about steel frames

1) Steel is non-combustible. It doesn’t ignite, burn, ‘char’ or contribute to flame or smoke spread.

2) White Pine (standard framing timber) will self ignite in a domestic oven at around 250 degrees C.

3) Steel doesn’t loose any structural integrity until well past 600 degrees C.

4) If your frame doesn’t ignite, and fire doesn’t get into your roof space, the chances of your house burning down are remote.

Here is a video from an Australian test for a steel framed house in a simulated brush fire.

Have a look at the video which shows a steel house frame in a simulated bush fire, tested by the CSIRO to the worst case scenario Bush Fire. You will see 1100+ degrees of direct, propane fueled fire attacking the frame for 2 minutes. Scary stuff, but the results were a true representation of the performance of a steel house frame under intense duress.


If you want to talk to us about a house in a bush and forest fire prone area; Californian, Arizona, Colorado, or areas similiar to the recently completed frame in Kinglake, Australia drop Jim a line at

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