Solar Power for a Tiny House

Prairie Rose with Zamp Solar_2Looking for a kit for solar power for a tiny house has been a challenge. We can find pieces here and other pieces there, but finding a readily adaptable kit for a tiny house, small cabin has been difficult…until now. Zamp Solar offers kits depending on amps per hour for small dwellings. We will be using these kits as add-ons for our tiny houses.


HPD with Zamp Solar_2(750 watt pictured)

600 Watts of charging power!  (using four 150 watt solar modules)

This kit will charge your 12 volt battery bank at a rate of 33.5 DC amps per hour under optimal sun conditions. Built in 60 amp MPPT solar controller will prevent overcharging the batteries.

Perfect for small off grid, outbuildings and cabins where the power usage is moderate. The inverter will run a microwave for small periods of time along with other small 120 volt appliances and lights.

Recommended battery bank would be approximately 400 to 800 amp/hours capacity/deep cycle

Power to Explore with a Zamp Solar Cabin Kits

The ZS-600 includes is listed at $4,799.00 solar panels and related parts;

  • 4  – 150 Grade “A” Monocrystalline Solar Module (8.4 Amps)
  • 1   – 3000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter With Built-in 60 Amp MPPT Solar Regulator, 35 Amp Shore Line Charger, Remote Gen Start      And  30 Amp Transfer Switch
  • 1  – Remote Switch for ZS-3000-PS60C, With Built in LED Battery Level Indicator, Voltage Meter and switch
  • 1 – 8x8x4 Watertight PVC Junction Box
  • 1 – 6 Circuit 100 Amp Fuse Block with Negative Bus Bar
  • 1 – PVC Combiner Box Mounting Board
  • and More
  • Storage Battery Packs not included*

Installation labor $1,250.00


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