Quality and Customization in a tiny house

A birch branch tree stair railing

One of customers requested a stair way railing for the stairs to keep her children safe from falling off as she has seen a lot of tiny homes without railings at the stairs. The request was for something woodsy like a railing made out of tree branches. On one of the couples exploratory trips to find some wood, we suggested a visit to Maina Hardwoods in Hayward, WI.  On visiting the lumber mill, they found some branches and wood slabs to put in their tiny house.  The gallery of pictures below show the start to finish of the stair system and then adding the birch branch rail.  Emily’s comment, “Yeah! Better than what I had in mind!!!”


Jim built the cabinet staircase in the shop area and Caleb, Nate, and Larry came over to help install the stair cabinet. Jim and Caleb brainstormed on how to build and install the tree branch railing. After we agreed on the concept and look, Caleb and Nate started cutting the pieces and making the tree branch railing. The tree bark will be left on and sealed/varnished to protect it.  The wood slabs will be used as open shelving and a mason light jar fixture/chandelier in the great room.

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