Tiny house living Illegal?

I do not think so!

Recently there has been a rash of posts circulating around the tiny house movement about HUD trying to make a rule that living in a tiny house illegal. The blogosphere around tiny houses erupted much like a volcano does, spewing all sorts of nonsensical verbiage and negative articles on living in ones tiny house.  And typical to the ‘net, there’s a bunch of mis-information splattered around out there

So, to set the record straight, Snopes published an article about this. And by the way, for Snopes to do a rebuttal of this fear mongering could possibly mean that the tiny house movement has ratcheted up another peg in what people are paying attention to.

Fine-y Houses

A lot of anxious bloggers incorrectly surmised HUD was moving to make “tiny homes” illegal.

Tiny House fact checking

Tiny House fact checking

To read the full article click here

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