Are we RVIA Certified? A customers question

questionA tiny house question often asked;

Are you RVIA Certified?

No, we are not RVIA Certified. We tried about 5 years ago and were told that we would have to conform to all specification of materials which would have meant eliminating our welded steel frames and nontoxic units we build. Unless of course we would pay for research and studies that proved our concepts were acceptable to all the members, manufactures, and board of directors involved in RVIA. We would need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the studies required. We are a small tiny house builder and do not have those kind of funds available to take that on.

Plus, we would have to build them for seasonal use only as people cannot live in a RVIA certified unit year around or full time! And that will never change.

Since one of the selling points of tiny houses and our units are they are built for full time living, and as time progresses, more and more areas are allowing tiny houses for as a legal full time residence. Even building codes are changing to allow this.

So, we chose to build to our customers specifications and needs rather than to an industry standard that forces all members to adhere to their rules and regulations. We feel we can and do deliver a far superior product than the RVIA Certification would allow.


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