Update on the Ravenlore Tiny House

or a tiny house can appreciate in value


Some tiny houses do appreciate in value, and the Ravenlore did. Nicki changed her career path which required a relocation to California and flying as a stewardess for Virgin Airlines. With that, she had to make a hard decision about her tiny house. Rather than take it with her, she decided to sell it as she would seldom be home, but traveling the globe.  So she put it up for sale and the Ravenlore sold quickly………..for more money that she paid for it. Like several thousands of dollars more.

We send Nicki best wishes for her new adventures. And if you are thinking of buying a Ravenlore tiny house, we can create one just for you. We do have a Ravenlore starting the “que” in production within 30 days for a customer that decided to purchase one before the price increased.


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Introducing a new tiny house

Tiny House

Home Always with a Tiny Green Cabin

The Snowflake

A new model in the Breathe Easy series of nontoxic tiny homes for people that are chemically and environmentally sensitive.

  • Size; 8′ X 20′
  • Sleeps 1-2
  • Weighs in at 10,000lbs
  • All steel frame construction
  • Steel roofing, steel siding and steel interior finish
  • 100% Wood Free
  •  Johns Manville AP™ Foil-Faced Foam Sheathing board, a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded on each side to a foil face

This a prototype so the pricing is being worked out. Right now for this model, the price is approx $45000 and it can be made smaller from a 12′ unit or as long as 28′ in 2′ increments.

Tiny house, nontoxic tiny house

Snowflake Tiny House


Nontoxic tiny house

Another perspective of this nontoxic tiny house



Nontoxic tiny house

Snowflake tiny house floor plan



nontoxic tiny house

Steel frame of the Snowflake tiny house



nontoxic tiny house

Another view of the welded steel frame

Call or email for pricing

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June Special on Tiny Houses

Tiny House

Home Always with a Tiny Green Cabin

We will match your down payment up to $2000 towards the purchase price of new tiny houses purchased thru the month of June 2016.

Offer not valid on the Wildflower Bunkhouse.

Tiny House

Tiny House June 2016 Match it sale


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Adirondach Bench for a tiny house

Recliners in a tiny house
or how did they do that?

Tiny Birch House Bench, tiny house, adironack bench

Tiny Birch House Adironach Bench

tiny house recliner bench 12809701_10107462053187530_4741533569350771313_n (2)

We took these photos we found on line and modified the drawings/plans to make the double recliners for the Gerdes’ Tiny House, name Spirit.

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Tiny House Big Living HGTV Appearance

Young Couple Builds Custom Tiny Birch House

Nature lovers Justin and Emily Gerde want to get away from the constant upkeep a large home requires. They hire expert tiny house builder Jim Wilkins to build their very own outdoor-themed tiny birch house that will accommodate them, their toddler and their five pets. Jim’s design includes all the necessities of home packed into a cozy 325-square-feet. Key features include in-floor “smugglers” storage, a medicine cabinet that doubles as a window, a toddler play loft and raw birch accents throughout.

Tiny House Big Living HGTV Film shoot

A picture from the filming day of Tiny House Big Living.

Now we can talk about this. We will be on HGTV Tiny House Big Living May 16th at 8:30 PM Central time.

Nathann Wilkins and Caleb Wilkins along with Jim and Justin and Emily Gerde will be on the show. We have been filming for this show since November 2015 and have become friends with the film crews.

For more information http://www.hgtv.com/shows/tiny-house-big-living/episodes/young-couple-builds-custom-tiny-birch-house

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Tiny house living Illegal?

I do not think so!

Recently there has been a rash of posts circulating around the tiny house movement about HUD trying to make a rule that living in a tiny house illegal. The blogosphere around tiny houses erupted much like a volcano does, spewing all sorts of nonsensical verbiage and negative articles on living in ones tiny house.  And typical to the ‘net, there’s a bunch of mis-information splattered around out there

So, to set the record straight, Snopes published an article about this. And by the way, for Snopes to do a rebuttal of this fear mongering could possibly mean that the tiny house movement has ratcheted up another peg in what people are paying attention to.

Fine-y Houses

A lot of anxious bloggers incorrectly surmised HUD was moving to make “tiny homes” illegal.

Tiny House fact checking

Tiny House fact checking

To read the full article click here

Now we can go back to our next article.



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A tiny house named “Spirit”

Tiny House at Lochness Park for a photo shoot

Spirit has 238 sqft on the main level with 138 sqft in the 2 lofts. There is lots of storage in the smugglers holds, sliding spice rack, 7 -toe kick drawers, cabinet bridge, and stairs with built in storage.  Speaking of the cabinet bridge, it is constructed so that a guest could sleep on them, if needed. This tiny house also has a Airport Ball air exchanger to exhaust the stale house air and moisture to the outside while bringing in fresh air.

Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins

Tiny House transport rounding a corner on the way to the photo shoot

Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins, hOMe design

Parking the tiny house

Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins, hOMe design

Tiny House photo shoot at the park

Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins

Tiny house in the park

Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins

Tiny house in the trees


Tiny house view thru the windows from the entry

Tiny house view thru the windows from the entry

Tiny house Airondack Recliner

A view of the tiny house Adirondack recliners built above the water storage tanks


Tiny House Cabinets

Cabinet bridge with cat sleeping areas, and a view of the Adirondack recliners built above the water storage tanks

Childs Loft

Loft for Wyatt

Tiny House Master Loft

Tiny House Master Loft

Fully functional tiny house kitchen

ully functional tiny house kitchen, with space saving dishwasher, range with oven, 7.2 cu refrigerator/freezer and table

Tiny House Boxout window over the sink

Tiny House Boxout window over the sink with custom mason jar lighting fixture

Tiny House Table

The drop leaf table in the kitchen

Drop leaf table

Justin and his father enjoying a cop of joe

Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny house kitchen view from the great room

Tiny house birch branch rail

Tiny house birch branch rail

tiny house, Minnesota tiny house

Tiny house Hobbit stove

12494794_10107462053866170_6807306672223353125_n (2)

12494847_10107462053182540_874695345449073016_n (2)

Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny House Bathroom


Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny House Bathroom

Tiny House Smugglers Hold Hatch

Smugglers Hold Hatch

There are 3 hatches with 6 peach crates inside of each hatch, and that provides 18 peach crates under the floor for storage.

Smugglers Hold Storage, Tiny House Minnesota photo shoot, Tiny House Minneapolis, Tiny Green Cabins

Smugglers Hold Storage

Tiny House spice and storage rack

Tiny house sliding spice and storage rack at the head of the stairs



Good night tiny house

Good night tiny house

The next post will show you how we made the Adirondack recliners and followed up by the step by step of making the mason jar lighting.


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Quality and Customization in a tiny house

A birch branch tree stair railing

One of customers requested a stair way railing for the stairs to keep her children safe from falling off as she has seen a lot of tiny homes without railings at the stairs. The request was for something woodsy like a railing made out of tree branches. On one of the couples exploratory trips to find some wood, we suggested a visit to Maina Hardwoods in Hayward, WI.  On visiting the lumber mill, they found some branches and wood slabs to put in their tiny house.  The gallery of pictures below show the start to finish of the stair system and then adding the birch branch rail.  Emily’s comment, “Yeah! Better than what I had in mind!!!”


Jim built the cabinet staircase in the shop area and Caleb, Nate, and Larry came over to help install the stair cabinet. Jim and Caleb brainstormed on how to build and install the tree branch railing. After we agreed on the concept and look, Caleb and Nate started cutting the pieces and making the tree branch railing. The tree bark will be left on and sealed/varnished to protect it.  The wood slabs will be used as open shelving and a mason light jar fixture/chandelier in the great room.

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